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Topic: SQL*Plus and PL/SQL >> SP2-0552: Bind variable not declared

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 Title: SP2-0552: Bind variable not declared
 jass  Posted: Jan 01, 2009 02:25:06 AM

 Total Post: 41
 Joined: Nov, 2008

 whenever i run following code,error arise as shown below:
variable v_d number(3)
dep number(3);
select max(deptno) into dep from dept;
print v_d;
SP2-0552: Bind variable "V_D" not declared.

Posted: Jan 01, 2009 03:08:03 AM  

 Total Post: 319
 Joined: Jul, 2008

With Bind variables:-

SQL> variable v_d number
SQL> declare
2 dep number(3);
3 begin
4 select max(deptno) into dep from dept;
5 :v_d:=dep;
6 end;
7 /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> print v_d

Without Bind variables:-

SQL> declare
2 dep number(3);
3 begin
4 select max(deptno) into dep from dept;
5 dbms_output.put_line(dep);
6 end;
7 /
PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Posted: Jan 01, 2009 03:33:47 AM  

 Total Post: 319
 Joined: Jul, 2008

Bind variables:-

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