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Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

By Vinod Udapudi
Feb 06, 2008

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Note: This article was written for educational purpose only. Please refer to the related vendor documentation for detail.

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)


On Monday morning I received a mail from my client regarding installation of oracle 10g on RHEL ES 4 platform. I started the installation and ended up with many errors. While struggling to get required RPMS and going through metalink documents I found usage of RDA.


I used to hear about RDA even when working with Oracle Corporation but never thought how useful RDA is.


Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is a set of command line diagnostic scripts. RDA is used to gather detailed information about an Oracle environment.


Oracle Support encourages the use of RDA because it provides a comprehensive picture of the customer's environment.


Some times in the platform like RHEL to find required RPMs and compatibility RDA looks very great. Eben you might run custom xml scrips with this RDA.


All installation instructions are given in metalink note 314422.1.


The Tools can be run in SHELL or PEARL environment.



Ater installation of RDA /home/oracle/rda


To start data collection

[oracle@rda]$ ./


RDA Data Collection Started 06-Feb-2008 11:50:16 AM


Processing Initialization module ...

Processing CFG module ...

Processing Sampling module ...

Processing OCM module ...

Processing OS module ...

Processing PROF module ...

Processing PERF module ...

Processing RDSP module ...

Processing LOAD module ...



This will generate many files including a zip file usually required by Oracle Support.




RDA includes health Check Validation Engine


 To check HCVE




Processing HCVE tests ...

Available Pre-Installation Rule Sets:

   1. Oracle Database 10g R1 (10.1.0) PreInstall (Linux-x86)

   2. Oracle Database 10g R1 (10.1.0) PreInstall (Linux AMD64)

   3. Oracle Database 10g R1 (10.1.0) PreInstall (IA-64 Linux)

   4. Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) PreInstall (Linux AMD64)

   5. Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) PreInstall (IA-64 Linux)

   6. Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) PreInstall (Linux-x86)

   7. Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) PreInstall (Linux)

   8. Oracle Application Server 10g R2 (10.1.2) PreInstall (Linux)

   9. Oracle Application Server 10g R3 (10.1.3) PreInstall (Linux AMD64)

  10. Oracle Application Server 10g R3 (10.1.3) PreInstall (IA-64 Linux)

  11. Oracle Application Server 10g R3 (10.1.3) PreInstall (Linux-x86)

  12. Oracle Portal PreInstall (Generic)

Available Post-Installation Rule Sets:

  13. Oracle Portal PostInstall (generic)

  14. RAC 10G DB and OS Best Practices (Linux)

  15. Data Guard PostInstall (Generic)

Enter the HCVE rule set number

Hit 'Return' to accept the default (1)


Select your choice and press enter


Test Results



   ID NAME                 RESULT VALUE

===== ==================== ====== ========================================

   10 OS Certified?        PASSED Adequate

   20 User in /etc/passwd? PASSED userOK

   30 Group in /etc/group? PASSED GroupOK


   50 ORACLE_HOME Valid?   PASSED OHexists

   60 O_H Permissions OK?  PASSED CorrectPerms

   70 Umask Set to 022?    PASSED UmaskOK


  100 Other O_Hs in PATH?  PASSED NoneFound

  110 oraInventory Permiss PASSED oraInventoryOK

  120 /tmp Adequate?       PASSED TempSpaceOK

  130 Swap (in MB)         RECORD 4605

  140 RAM (in MB)          PASSED 2007

  150 Swap OK?             PASSED SwapOK

  160 Disk Space OK?       PASSED DiskSpaceOK

  170 Kernel Parameters OK FAILED SHMMAXTooSmall SEMOPMTooSmall

  180 Got ld,nm,ar,make?   PASSED ld_nm_ar_make_found

  190 ulimits OK?          FAILED StackTooSmall MaxLockMemTooSmall

  200 EL4 RPMs OK?         PASSED NotEnterprise

  203 RHEL21 RPMs OK?      PASSED NotRHEL21

  204 RHEL3 RPMs OK?       PASSED NotRHEL3

  205 RHEL4 RPMs OK?       PASSED RHEL4rpmsOK



  212 Patch 3006854 Instal PASSED NotRequired


  214 ip_local_port_range  FAILED LowTooHigh HighTooLow

  220 Tainted Kernel?      PASSED NotVerifiable

  230 Other OUI Up?        PASSED NoOtherOUI


This will give you a fair idea of environment before installation.


And always RDA will have a result file, some time Oracle Support may ask this file. Usually this will be generated in output folder.


So try to learn RDA as quickly as possible. This tool helps in many ways.


Purpose of this document was to just highlight what RDA is and how best to use it. Refer Metalink for downloadable, getting started and installation instructions.




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